Pedro Sosa, Professor of Botany and member of the Institute for Environmental Studies and Natural Resources imparted the inaugural lecture dedicated to the biodiversity of the Canary Islands during 2019-2020 Academic Opening Ceremony of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

This paper claimed the value of the extraordinary singularities of the natural ecosystems of the Canary Islands, which Pedro referred to during this as a "natural laboratory".

On the other hand, during the interview carried out for El Digital ULPGC, Pedro emphasized the figures that make the Canary Islands be considered as that "unique natural laboratory in the world" of which he mentions in his conference. In the Canary Islands, several endemic plant and animal species are distributed, in addition to hosting 24 of 125 natural habitats that are included in Red Europea Natura 2000 and 4 of 15 Spain's national parks.

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