The post "Atlas gastronómico de la pesca en Canarias" and its video are final products of the MAC MACAROFOOD project lead by the ULPGC. The Atlas contributes to improve the competitiveness of SMEs of the business value chain of the fishing’s handmade products of Canary Islands. This posting makes infrequent local fish in our fish markets public, highlighting the importance of that fresh products of proximity and expects to enhance the island food sovereignty in a sustainable tone. It is aimed at professionals and consumers; it has counted on 50 SMEs and 60 chefs’ collaboration of the seven biggest islands. It values and promotes 80 eating raw materials form Canary Islands (shellfish, fish, seaweeds and some marine ingredients). At the triennium 2017-2019, it has created 110 recipes, 61 published on paper, at the gastronomic Atlas, that includes an annex with the nutritional properties of the used fish and shellfish. The published recipes have been grouped in four groups: shellfish, lean fish, semi-fatty fish and fatty fish, accessible by QR code. In the same way, it has been published, in other side, the cook book “Recetario de pescados olvidados y emergentes en Gran Canaria”, that includes another 30 recipes, accompanied with its own video.

During its realization, this project has generated 100 educational publications (40 on paper and 60 on digital format). 

Atlas can be download at: 


Cook book can be download at:


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Recetario de pescados olvidados y emergentes en Gran Canaria: 

Atlas gastronómico de la pesca en Canarias: