“Greening the Islands” organization, that awarded the bests projects related to the green and sustainable development of the worldwide islands, has awarded ADAPTaRES project at the AGRICULTURE category, at the  8ª Greening the Islands e_Convention, that was celebrated between 19th and 21st October 2021.

ADAPTaRES is an ambitious Project coordinated by ITC, being ULPGC the responsible organization for developing the research activities related to the water and the agriculture at Macaronesia. From the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we have presented the results obtained at the Santiago Island, in Cape Vert. Our aim is water with treatment water obtaining an optimal efficiency and the highest protection to the population, the environment (soil, water and aquifer) and the water system, minimizing the necessity of modifying the quality of the produced water at the rural WWTP. For that, it is used the soil as an advanced treatment of purifying and it is optimised the water process to produce, besides, “more food per drop of water”. With the optimisation of the reutilisation of the non-conventional water, it is increased the resilience to the climate change and the drought.  

Into the bargain, ULPGC is the responsible organization of making the diffusion of the results, training farmers and technicians in the best water practices.